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Based on the idea of Micronations, especially due to the consultation of the webpages of the Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands (short: FM) on May 10th of 2015 was born the idea of the declaration of an exterritorial area with the name Fishtown Newport Territory (short: FNT)

Due to the extremely restricted size of the ground where this Territory is settled and to the fact that this ground is not owned and in some sense occupied the declaration of a real Micronation was not considered to be a realistic solution. So the declaration of an exterritorial sovereign territory was seen as a most accurate definition for the political definition.

The Foundation was carried out by the Chief Administrator of the territory, who immediately assured to the new territory the acknowledgement by the State Department of the Federated Micronations (FM), giving the status of an Associated Sovereign Territory to the FNT. The Administrator is named as representative of the FM in the Territory, responsible for the diplomatic and consular functions for and on behalf of the FM in the FNT.

The FNT directly took for a better identification of its special status an own flag which is based (in only little modifications) on the flag of a never realized foundation of a global wide Nation with the name Koljand in the early 1980’s. The colors present the colors of our earth: Brown for the ground, blue for the water, green for the land and plants, yellow for the sun in the sky.

Political System

After consulting later on various definitions of a "Micronation" and visiting a lot of other Micronation websites it was stated that the FNT is nothing different - except that it have no typical government or "Head of State" and no constitution or similar declaration about the political form of state. Turning the FNT into a real Micronation was finally denied by the Chief Administrator who can be considered as the only "Master next God", the political system is simply: Autocratic. All Decisions concerning the Territory and its belongings are finally in his mind without any alternative. So due to this fact the FNT can be considered as nothing else than a Micronation as well.

FNT Flag with Crown Armoire

In use for diplomatic and other political interactions the flag of the FNT is also used with a symbolized crown in the center (which is also the flag of the Freija Nücke Territoria), for diplomatic contracts is used the coat of arms.

Diplomatic Relations

As described above close relations exist to the FM and the Republic of Capricornia. Diplomatic Relations were also established to the Forstendom Holkau on 2016, March 9th. The Chief Administrator of the Forstendom Holkau, Mr. Holger Kaufhold, is named as representative of the Fishtown Newport Territory, responsible for the diplomatic and consular functions for and on behalf of the FNT in the Forstendom Holkau. Visa Versa, the Chief Adminsitrator of the FNT will be in function for the diplomatic relationsship and consular functions.

A Treaty of Friendship and Co-Operation was signed with the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis (Het Groothertogdom Flandrensis) on 2016, March 16th.

A Treaty of Friendship and Co-Operation was signed with the Principauté d'Aigues-Mortes on 2016, August 01st.

A Treaty of mutual recognition was signed with the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom (République Anacratique du Padrhom) on 2016, August 03rd.

A Treaty of mutual recognition was signed with the Emire of Angyalistan on 2016, September 09th.

A Treaty of Friendship and Co-Operation especially in relation to external, diplomatic and economic belongings had been established with the Freija Nücke Territoria after its independence from the FNT on 2017, August 9th.

A Treaty of mutual recognition was signed with the Principauté de Bérémagne on 2018, February 20th.

Relationsships can be requested by contacting the Chief Adminsitrator. (Email to: fnt(emailsign)fnt.bernhard-krauth.de). A relationship with the FNT might have the advantage of creating a special (cheaper) postage fee agreement as existing for the FM.

On December 8th, 2016, the FNT became a member "francophile" (in the sense of friend of french language) of the MicroFrancophonie, an organisation assembling french speaking Micronations.


The FNT consists of approx. 78 m² not-owned ground inside a North German town called by certain locals "Fishtown" due to its history in fishing industries. It is the second biggest sea port of Germany. The location of the FNT in the City is on the border of a basin of the port area called "Neuer Hafen", in English Newport. The Territory consists of a major part of ca. 72 m² plus a close-by separated area of ca. 6 m².

Freija Nücke Territoria

The short form FNT applies also for the Freija Nücke Territoria, an area declared 2015 June 7th. Until 2017, August 3rd the area belonged as an associated territory of the FNT with no defined political system, administrated by the FNT Administration. Postal services from and to this area were maintained by the postal administration of the Fishtown Newport Territory and using the post stamps of Fishtown until this date.

With this date, 3rd August 2017, the Freija Nücke Territoria declared full independence from the Fishtown Newport Territory. The inhabitants, all members of the same family clan, forming the new administration, declared independence and not longer to be a part of the Fishtown Newport Territory, but willing to cooperate densely further on. They continue using the same flag as the FNT, but only including the crown symbol, and established an own postal service, independent of the CPEA-contracts or other co-operations in this concern.

Currency and language

Currency of the FNT is the same as in the surrounding State of Germany, the Euro (€). Main language in the FNT is German, followed closely by English and French, but also other idioms like f.e. Kur-Palatine (local dialect of the area of the town of Heidelberg) and East-Frisian are common.


The Fishtown Newport Territory is semi-permanently inhabited by the Chief Administrator, occasionally also by other persons.

Postal Service of the FNT

A special agreement was done with the Republic of Capricornia (a state in the FM ) concerning postal services in the Territory. The Postmaster of the Capricornia Post decided due to the request of the FNT the foundation of the Capricornia Post Extraterritorial Agencies (CPEA), and postal services were offered in the Territory from 2015 May 28th.

These services are carried out independently of the CPEA. The CPEA and the FNT agree together about postage fees, design and themes of stamp editions and other questions of the postal service. The supply of post stamps is done by the CPEA, therefore the CPEA gets from the FNT any financial result of selling these stamps abroad in some way as f.e. to collectors. The FNT is keeping itself only the financial gains generated by the postal service.

As the Freija Nücke Territoria established immediately with its declaration of independence an own postal service the FNT stopped immediately the supply and support of postal services from Freija Nücke on 2017 August 3rd. Direct postal service from the FNT to the Territoria was suspended except for diplomatic exchange. Based on lateron done agreements and co-operation contracts, valid from 2017, August 9th, new postal fees were settled for the postal exchange with the Freija Nücke Territoria and postal services towards the Territoria available again.

Postal Charges:

Due to the small size of the Territory inside postal traffic is free of charge. // Measurements apply according the Deutsche Post regulations. FNT-stamps should preferably be fixed on the backside of the envelopes. Posting on the front side can be done when they are clearly seperated from other stamps used for the transport with other service providers; and is compulsory for postings exclusively by the FNT postal services (usually only applying for postings inside Fishtown City or to FM-Countries when not using additional postal services).

Stamps can be used for posting only directly after buying them, once exported a re-import into the FNT for postal use is not accepted.

Stamps for collections will be sold for: a) used / cancelled stamps 0,10 € per stamp and b) unused / mint stamps for 0,20 € plus 10% of the imprinted value (except stamps with a value less than 0,20 €). Please contact by: Email to: fnt(emailsign)fnt.bernhard-krauth.de

The following table is valid as from 2017 August 9th.

Destination up to 20g up to 50g up to 500g up to 1000g Parcels etc. per kg
Inside FN-Territory free of charge free of charge free of charge free of charge free of charge
Area of Fishtown City - 0,50 € 1,00 € 2,00 € + 2,00 €
Freija Nücke Territoria (as from 2017- Aug. - 09) - 0,10 € 0,20 € 0,50 € + 0,70 €
FM Countries*; Forstendom Holkau* 0,70 € 0,90 € 1,50 € 2,60 € + 2,00 €
Germany - 1,00 € 1,70 € 3,00 € + 2,50 €
Germany books - - 1,20 € 2,00 €
Other Countries (Air) 1,10 € 1,70 € 4,00 € 8,00 € 18,00 € max. 2 kg
The Grand Duchy of / Het Groothertogdom Flandrensis*; Principauté d'Aigues-Mortes*; République Anacratique du Padrhom*; Empire of Anyalistan*; Principauté de Bérémagne*; 1,00 € 1,50 € 3,80 € 7,00 € 10,00 € max. 2 kg
Registered letter surcharge - - - 2,50 €

Other Countries more than 2 kg is not provided by the FNT – Postal Service.

* Applying also for postings to recognized Embassies / Consulates of the named Countries.

Stamp editions of the FNT


No. 1 - 2015, May 28th


Type: Postmaster stamp to assure postal service; red overprint of an old French permanent value stamp of 1978 (Michel-No. 2080xw); perforation K13.

Theme: Due to the situation that the implementation of the postal service by the CPEA suffered by some delay the Administration of the FNT decided to make at least some postal service available by ink-printing on some old unused French stamps. 80 stamps had been realized. These stamps are showing instead of some value the words "POST PAID" and came into service on 2015 May 28th.

These stamps were not sold and only used by the FNT postmaster on letters posted from the territory, to indicate that the postal fees had been paid. As also an official postmark for obliteration was still missing the postmasters private postmark was used for that purpose.

The use and validity of these stamps was suspended on September 1st (2015) when the official postmark was finally available in the territory, and released by the permanent values of the territory (Nos 3 to 7, see below). From the 80 overprints remained 42, so only about 30 pieces had been used (8 pcs kept for documentary purposes in the FNT and CPEA). From the remaining 20 were destroyed immediately, the other 22 overprints kept for distribution to collector purposes.

Attention: Due to the ink-overprint the color is not water-proof and might be washed away in intense contact with water.


FNT Postmark The official postmark as in service since September 1st 2015


No. 2 - 2015, June 22nd


Type: Commemorative stamp.

Value: 0,70 €

Size: ca. 58x32 mm

Perforation: Line 11,5 printed on (almost invisible) gummed, non-fluorescent paper. Printed in sheets of 3x7 stamps.

Quantity of stamps: 84 pieces

Theme: Commemorative stamp for the Start of the Postal Service of the FNT. The picture is showing a sunset over the peninsular-island of Langlütjen in the river Weser estuary as it can be seen and was photographed from the Territory. All FNT-stamps will carry the territorial flag and name as well as the Capricornia Post Extraterritorial Agencies - indication.

As this stamp was available already earlier then the official postmark and the delivery of this postmark delayed the stamp was finally set in use additional and aside to the postmaster stamp (No. 1) and cancelled as well with the personal postmaster postmark. With the delivery of the FNT official postmark cancelation was done from September 2nd 2015.


No. 3 to 7 - 2015, September 2nd

FNT 3-7

Type: Permanent value stamp.

Values: No. 3 - 0,10 €; No. 4 - 0,50 €; No. 5 - 0,70 €; No. 6 - 1,00 €; No. 7 - 2,50 €

Size: No. 3 to 5: ca. 25x29 mm; No. 6 and 7: ca. 41x29 mm

Perforation: Line 11,5 printed on (almost invisible) gummed, non-fluorescent paper.

No. 3 to 5 printed in sheets of 8x6 stamps. No. 4 and 5 are printed attaching to each other in the middle of the sheet, the No. 4 covering with 24 pieces the top, and the No. 5 with 24 pieces the lower part of the sheet. So per sheet only 6 vertical pairs of the No. 4 and 5 are possible. Printing these stamps alone in a sheet might be realized in the future.

No. 6 and 7 printed in sheets of 8x4 stamps.

No. 1a: 2017, April 4th, were delivered 5 new printed sheets of the 10-Cent-value. This second print is very little variating in the colors, the sea dove is a bit less in contrast and little more grey in color. Therefore this slite varion, even as still in the range of usual printing allowance, will be listed as No. 1a.

Quantity of stamps: No. 1: ax pieces / No. 1a: ix pieces / No. 2: bx pieces / No. 3: cx pieces / No. 4: dx pieces / No. 5 ex pieces (therein pairs of No 4 and 5 totally: fx pieces) / No. 6: gx pieces / No. 7: hx pieces

Theme: Following the standard theme of Capricornia Post stamps for permanent values the theme are birds. As the FNT is situated on the seaside, sea doves and similar birds are shown.


With its declaration of independence (until then a Dependency of the FNT) on 2017, August 3rd, the Freija Nücke Territoria established also an own postal service, over-stamping unauthorized the 0,50 € - value of this permanent issue (No. 4) with the territorial name, the crown-symbol and "Postage Paid". Stamps used for posting receive an additional date-stamp with the date of the postal receipt in the German date-form DD-MM-YY. See at http://www.fnt.bernhard-krauth.de/Freija_Nuecke_stamps.html



No. 8 to 11 - 2016, February 25th

FNT 8-11

Type: Thematic stamp set

Values: No. 8: 1,00 € / No. 9: 1,20 € / Nr. 10: 1,70 € / Nr. 11: 4,00 €

Size: No. 8: ca. 55*27 mm; No. 9 to 11: 56*27 mm

Perforation: Line 11,5. The paper is quite rough, when separating at the perforation faults in the perforation occur regularly, so a non-perfect perforation usually have to be considered as "normal"

Printed on (almost invisible) gummed, non-fluorescent paper. Printed in sheets of 3x8 stamps each.

Quantity of stamps: 384 set

Theme: Fishtown Newport is lying at the sea side directly aside at one of the busiest ports in Northern Europe. This means that all kinds of ships are visible directly from the territory or just a few steps away. This set of stamps like to present the four most common types of ships. All of them have been here within the last years and some of them can be seen from time to time still today.

Shown as by value:

1,00 €: Coaster Hela, IMO No. 6702284, Length 61,8 m / Breadth 10,0 m / Gross Tonnage (GT) 861, build in 1966. Still in Service under a different name in 2016. Typical type of ship for short range coastal services of general cargo and bulk.

1,20 €: Cruise Liner Mona Lisa, IMO No. 6512354, L 201 m / B 26,5 m / GT 28891, build in 1966. Beached and wrecked off November / December 2015. Typical type of ship for worldwide passenger transport, cruise voyages and liner services.

1,70 €: Container Ship Rio Verde, IMO No. 9261827, L 208,2 m / B 29,8 m / GT 25703, build in 2003. Still in Service under a different name in 2016. Typical type of ship for worldwide transport of standardized cargo in containers.

4,00 €: Car Carrier Tamesis, IMO No. 9191307, L 240,6 m / B 32,3 m / GT 67140, build in 2000. Still in Service under this name in 2016. Typical type of ship for worldwide transport of any kind of rolling cargo, mainly cars, trucks and heavy cargo on rolling flats.


No. 12 - 2016, December 07th

No 12 - No 12 Joint Issue

Type: Thematic stamp, Joint Issue

Value: 1,00 €

Size: 40*40 mm

Perforation: Line 11,5. Printed on (almost invisible) gummed, non-fluorescent paper. Printed in sheets of 4x5 stamps each.

Quantity of stamps: 120 stamps

Theme: The Fishtown Newport Territory in 2016 is participating in a Joint Issue with the Federated Micronations and the Republic of Capricornia for a stamp designed to express greetings and best wishes for Christmas. The Joint Issue stamps of the cooperating Nations are therefore shown here as well.


No. 13 - 2017, March 09th

No. 13

Type: Commemorative stamp, Joint Issue

Value: 1,00 € / W (worldwide standard postage)

Size: 47*25 mm

Perforation: Line 11,5. Printed on (almost invisible) gummed, non-fluorescent paper. Printed in sheets of 3x8 stamps each.

Quantity of stamps: 240 stamps

Theme: The Fishtown Newport Territory and the Forstendom Holkau entered exactly one year before, in 2016, March 09th,  in dipomatic relations. This commemorative stamps is a joint issue of both Micronations to celebrate this event. The very special of this stamp is, that it is usuable for postage in both places. For the FNT the value is indicated with 1,00 €, for the Forstendom Holkau with the letter "W" for Worldwide standard postage. So this stamp can be poststamped either in the FNT or in the Forstendom Holkau. A very small number of First Day Covers (FDC) were produced carrying both postmarks on the single stamp.


No. 14 - 2017, May 25th


Type: Commemorative stamp

Value: 1,00 €

Size: 75*38 mm

Perforation: Line 11,5. Printed on (almost invisible) gummed, non-fluorescent paper. Printed in 14 sheets of 3x8 stamps each.

Quantity of stamps: 336 stamps

Theme: On the ground of lateron declared the Fishtown Newport Territory is settled allready since 2005 the german Jules-Verne-Club (www.jules-verne-club.de). To point towards this fact, uniting the maritime influence in the FNT and in the life and works of Jules Verne (1828-1905, french writer) as image was choosen Jules Vernes third yacht, the Saint-Michel III (reproducting of a painting showing the yacht in front of Neapel; the original of this picture is owned by the City of Nantes).


No. 15 - 2017, June 20th


Type: Permanent value stamp.

Value: 0,20 €

Size: ca. 25x29 mm

Perforation: Line 11,5 printed on (almost invisible) gummed, non-fluorescent paper.

Printed in sheets of 8x6 stamps.

Quantity of stamps: x pieces

Theme: Following the standard theme of Capricornia Post stamps for permanent values the theme are birds. As the FNT is situated on the seaside, sea doves and similar birds are shown.


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