Datenschutzerklärung & Impressum





Postal Service of the FNT

A special agreement was renewed with the Capricornia Post Extraterritorial Agencies (CPEA) from the Republic of Capricornia (a state in the FM ) concerning postal services in the Territory.

These services are carried out independently of the CPEA. The CPEA and the FNT agree together about the design of stamp editions and other questions of the postal service. The supply of post stamps is done by the CPEA.

Postal Charges:

Due to the small size of the Territory inside postal traffic is permanently fixed to a symbolic price of 0,10 cN for all kind of mail. // Measurements apply according the regulations from the Deutsche Post or from other service providers if used. FNT-stamps should preferably be fixed on the backside of the envelopes. Posting on the front side can be done when they are clearly seperated from other stamps used for the transport with other service providers; and is compulsory for postings exclusively by the FNT postal services (usually only applying for postings inside some area around the territories when not using additional postal services).

Stamps can be used for posting only directly after buying them, once exported a re-import into the FNT for postal use can only be accepted with special agreement.

Stamps for collections will be sold for: a) used / cancelled stamps 0,10 cN per stamp and b) unused / mint stamps for 0,20 cN plus 10% of the imprinted value (except stamps with a value less than 0,20 cN). Please contact by: Email to: fnt(emailsign)

The following table is valid as from 2020 May 11th ( 11.05.2020: 1,00 € = 1,00 cN)

Destination up to 20g up to 50g up to 500g up to 1000g Parcels etc. per kg
Inside FN-Territories 0,10 cN 0,10 cN 0,10 cN 0,10 cN
Area of Fishtown City and Nücke - Holtland - 0,50 cN 1,00 cN 2,00 cN + 2,00 cN
FM Countries*; Forstendom Holkau* 0,80 cN 1,00 cN 1,60 cN 2,70 cN + 2,00 cN
Germany - 1,00 cN 1,70 cN 3,00 cN + 2,50 cN
Other Countries (Air) 1,30 cN 2,00 cN 4,00 cN 9,00 cN +9,00 cN max. 2 kg**
Registered letter surcharge - - - 4,00 cN

* Valid also for postings to recognized embassies and consulated from the indicated nations. Postage to not indicated Micronations with diplomatic relations are calculated as by "Other Countries".

** Parcels having more than 2 kg will be billed according the next international transport service (DHL, Hermes) costs, converted into cN  plus 2,00 cN for the FNT postal service.

Stamp editions of the Frya Nordland Territories



The official postmark as in service since 2020, May 11th. Both post offices (in Fishtown as in Nücke) use identical postmarks, so no difference can be done from which office postings where done



Inside the former territorial parts some stamps remain valid until 2020, Month Day. Currency rate € = cN. In this period these stamps were cancelled by the Nordland-postmark, only chance to see their use in this time.

These stamps are according the numberation on the old websites:

Freija Nücke Territoria: No. 2

Fishtown Newport Territory: No. 3 to 7, 19 and 20

Mixed use of these stamps together with stamps from Frya Nordland are possible, but never mixed use of stamps from the former territories.


No. 1 - 2020,May 18th

Nordland 1

Type: Commemorative stamp.

Values: 1,00 cN

Size: H 2,6 cm * L 4,4 cm

Perforation: comb perforation K 14, printed on (almost invisible) gummed, non-fluorescent paper. Printed in xy sheets containing each 15 stamps, 3x5.

Quantity of stamps: xyz pieces

Theme: This stamps commemorates the newly founded Frya Nordland Territories, showing the Flag of the nation.


No. 2 to 9 - 2020/2021, various dates (see description)

images and dates will be shown when stamps are edited. (yellow marked: informations not yet available).

Type: Permanent values

Values, date of issue, quantities produced:

No. 2: 0,10 cN - 202x, yy zz, xxx pieces

No. 3: 0,30 cN - 202x, yy zz, xxx pieces

No. 4: 0,50 cN - 202x, yy zz, xxx pieces

No. 5: 1,00 cN - 202x, yy zz, xxx pieces

No. 6: 1,30 cN - 202x, yy zz, xxx pieces

No. 7: 1,70 cN - 202x, yy zz, xxx pieces

No. 8: 2.- cN - 202x, yy, zz, xxx pieces

No. 9: 4.- cN - 202x, yy, zz, xxx pieces

Size: H 2,6 cm * L 2,2 cm

Perforation: comb perforation K 14, printed on (almost invisible) gummed, non-fluorescent paper. Printed in xy sheets containing each 35 stamps, 7x5.

Theme: Permanent values. No. 2 to 4 are based in the design from old stamp values (1889-1892) from the german city privat post of Heidelberg, originals can be seen here down from approx. the middle from the page.

No. 5 to 9 are based in the design from old stamps from the "Norddeutscher Bund" , 1868-1871, a former german postal service area (see stamp catalogues about old german countries).