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(former FISHTOWN NEWPORT TERRITORY and FREIJA NÜCKE TERRITORIA - click links for historical informations and stamp editions)

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ENGLISH: Due to the fact that most Micronations communicate in English this site is written in English. As the main language of the FNT is German there might occur errors ... Communications with the FNT can be done in English, German and French. Email: fnt(emailsign)

DEUTSCH: Auf Grund der Tatsache, dass die meisten Mikronationen auf Englisch kommunizieren ist diese Webseite in Englisch. Eine deutschsprachige Fassung findet sich hier. Kontakt mit dem FNT kann in Englisch, Deutsch und Französisch erfolgen. Email: fnt(emailsign)

FRANÇAIS: Comme la majorité des Micronations font leur communication en Anglais ce site est écrit en Anglais. Une version en français vouy trouvez ici. Comme la langue principale du FNT est Allemand il n'est pas à éviter des erreurs ... Communication avec le FNT peut être établi en Anglais, Allemand et en Français. Email: fnt(emailsign)


The Frya Nordland Territories (short: FNT) were established 2020, May 11th, as the result of the reunion from the former Fishtown Newport Territory, an unowned place which might have to be left in the next decade of years; and the Freija Nücke Territoria, an owned land and settlement. Both are located in the costal northern Germany, but seperated by about 100 km distance in direct line.

Due to the restricted size of the ground and inhabitants the declaration of a real "Nation" was not considered to be a realistic solution. So the declaration of an exterritorial sovereign territory was seen as a most accurate definition for the political definition.

The two former and now the new FNT took for a better identification of its special status an own flag which is based on the flag of a never realized foundation of a global wide Nation with the name Koljand in the early 1980’s. The colors present the colors of our earth: Brown for the ground, blue for the water, green for the land and plants, yellow for the sun in the sky. The Crown is a longterm symbol which should signify the independance of the Territories.

In November 2018 between the two former territories began communications about a future reunion into one only form of state with the name Frya Nordland Territories. The formation of this new united Territories was decided in 2019, September 1st. It took some more time until its realisation. Finaly the date was fixed to 2020,May 11th. This allowed Fishtown to celebrate his 5 years of existence and final in the same time, and on the 11th to celebrate the new state.

Political System

After consulting various definitions of a "Micronation" and visiting a lot of other Micronation websites it was stated that the FNT is nothing different - except that it have no typical government or "Head of State" and no constitution or similar declaration about the political form of state. As the Chief Administrator can be considered as the only "Master next God", the political system is simply: Autocratic. All Decisions concerning the Territory and its belongings are finaly in his mind without any alternative. So due to this fact the FNT can be considered as nothing else than a Micronation as well.


For diplomatic contracts and official writtings is used this coat of arms, slightly modified to the former one.

Diplomatic Relations

All former diplomatic contracts from the Fishtown Newport Territory and Freija Nücke Territoria had been confirmed or renewed up to the date of the new foundation.

Close relations exist to the FM and the Republic of Capricornia.

Diplomatic Relations were also established to the Forstendom Holkau on 2016, March 9th. The Chief Administrator of the Forstendom Holkau, Mr. Holger Kaufhold, is named as representative of the Fishtown Newport Territory, responsible for the diplomatic and consular functions for and on behalf of the FNT in the Forstendom Holkau. Visa Versa, the Chief Adminsitrator of the FNT will be in function for the diplomatic relationsship and consular functions.

A Treaty of Friendship and Co-Operation was signed with the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis (Het Groothertogdom Flandrensis) on 2016, March 16th.

A Treaty of Friendship and Co-Operation was signed with the Principauté d'Aigues-Mortes on 2016, August 01st.

A Treaty of mutual recognition was signed with the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom (République Anacratique du Padrhom) on 2016, August 03rd.

A Treaty of mutual recognition was signed with the Emire of Angyalistan on 2016, September 09th.

A Treaty of mutual recognition was signed with the Principauté de Bérémagne on 2018, February 20th and renewed with the new foundation.

A Treaty of mutual recognition was signed with the Principauté de Lochaber on 2018, august 11th.

A Treaty of mutual recognition, of Friendship and Co-Operation was signed with the Koninkrijk Silvomi 2020, May 11th.

A Treaty of mutual recognition, of Friendship and Co-Operation was signed with the Empire of Lehmark 2020, October 21st.

A Treaty of mutual recognition was signed with La République Autonome d'Europa 2020, October 22st.

On December 8th, 2016, the FNT became a member "francophile" (in the sense of friend of french language) of the MicroFrancophonie, an organisation assembling french speaking Micronations.

Relationsships can be requested by contacting the Chief Adminsitrator. (Email to: fnt(emailsign) A relationship with the FNT might have the advantage of creating a special (cheaper) postage fee agreement as existing for the FM.


One part of the FNT consists of approx. 78 m² not-owned ground inside a North German town called by certain locals "Fishtown" due to its history in fishing industries. The location of the FNT in the City is on the border of a basin of the port area called "Neuer Hafen", in English Newport. The Territory consists of a major part of ca. 72 m² plus a close-by separated area of ca. 8 m². This is the territory which formed before the Fishtown Newport Territory.

The second part of the FNT is the former Freija Nücke Territoria, consisting of an owned ground of a bit more than 1300 m², with several buildings and plenty trees and green on it. It is famous for its flora and fauna.

A Third part of the territories named "Carl's Residence" is located much more south, close to Cologne, having about 105 m² plus a close-by area of about 8 m². Being far from the other territorial parts it is only administrated by distance from the main seat of administration and the FNT postal service actually is not operating there.

The Administration of the Frya Nordland Territories decided and declared on May 22, 2020: "Our definition of territorial ownership" - readable in the document linked below.

June 22, 2020, the FNT placed his territorial claim about the island of Saint Paul, in the South Indian Ocean at latitude 38 ° 43' South and longitude 77 ° 32' East with an surface of about 7 km², as a territorial part of the FNT. Details about this claim and the justification of the claim by the FNT can be read in this document.

As described in the adjoint document, if valid objections were not raised within one year, i.e. by 21 of June, 2021 the FNT claim is considered to be lawfully confirmed and the island become a definite new territorial part of the FNT.

Saint Paul


Official language is English, usualy widely practiced language is German; English and French, but also other idioms like f.e. Kur-Palatine (local dialect of the area of the town of Heidelberg) and East-Frisian are common.


The FNT is inhabited constantly by 4 to 5 persons, plus numberless kinds and quantities of non-domestic animals, enjoying the fresh green condition of the territory, for the former Nücke Territory.


It was one of the long discussions in the reunion process if the currency of the new FNT should remain as before the Euro (€) or if an own currency should be created. Due to some reasonable arguments it was decided to maintain the € as the practicable "hard" money, but to create a calculated currency for inner economical administration. This most probably ever remaining virtual currency (no plans about printing / minting money) is fixed with the start of the new Frya Nordland Teritories with an exchange rate of 1 to 1 with the Euro (€) and called Calculated Nord, shown as " cN ". At this position the actual exchange rate is allways shown:

2020, May 11th: 1,00 Euro (€) = 1,00 cN

Postal Service of the FNT

A special agreement was renewed with the Capricornia Post Extraterritorial Agencies (CPEA) from the Republic of Capricornia (a state in the FM ) concerning postal services in the Territory.

These services are carried out independently of the CPEA. The CPEA and the FNT agree together about the design of stamp editions and other questions of the postal service. The supply of post stamps is done by the CPEA.

Details about the postal service and stamp catalogue click here.